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If you are looking for 10th class english Solved Paper MCQs 2022 , then you land on a right page because we update 10th class english Solved Paper MCQs with Ans in below on this page and students check your marks by the help of this page. If you are a student of 10th class then you get many advantages from these website this site name is www.papersads.com. Today here 11 may 2022 Matric 10th class english Objective Complete Solved (result) Annual Paper 2022 First Group & Second Group 10th English paper 2022.

10th class english solved paper 2022 Check Online

(To be filled in by the candidate) (Academic Sessions 2018-2020 to 2020-2022 ) ENGLISH (COMPULSORY) 022-(10″ CLASS)

Time Allowed:20 Minutes
PAPERObjective Type
Maximum Marks :19
ResultJuly/Auguest 2022

Matric 10th Class English Annual Paper 2022

Choose the correct form of verb and fill up the bubbles sheet:

1- He is ___ back next week,

  • (A) come
  • (B) coming
  • (C) comes
  • (D) came

Ans: Coming

2 You ____ since morning,

  • (A) rests
  • (B) rest
  • (C) have been resting
  • (D) has rested

Ans: have been resting

3 He ___ newspaper for living.

  • (A) sells
  • (B) have sold
  • (C) selling
  • (D) sell

Ans: sells

4 They ____ to sleep at ten.

  • (A) went
  • (B) gone
  • (C) goes
  • (D) go

Ans: go

5 The sun ___ in the east.

  • (A) rise
  • (B) rises
  • (C) rising
  • (D) rised

Ans: rises

Choose the word with correct spelling and fill up the bubbles sheet :


  • (A) Believe (B) Beleive (C) Beleve (D) Bilieve

Ans: (A) Believe


  • (A) Fabruary (B) Febbruary (C) February (D) Februery

Ans: (C) February


  • A) Occision (B) Ocasion (C) Occasion (D) Occesion

Ans: (C) Occasion


  • (A) Comming (B) Comeing (C) Comeinge (D) Coming

Ans: (D) Coming

Choose the correct option and fill up the bubbles sheet :

10 The synonym of solace .is –

  • (A) aggravation (B) frustration (C) discomfort (D) comfort

Ans: (D) comfort

11 The antonym of culprit ‘is — :

  • (A) innocent
  • (B) offender
  • (C) give up
  • (D) honest

Ans: (B) offender

The synonym of current ‘is — :

  • (A) dated
  • (B) Old
  • (C) up-to-date
  • (D) brave

Ans: (C) up-to-date

13 The antonym of abandon ‘is — :

  • (A) support
  • (B) discard
  • (C) difficult
  • (D) desert

Ans: (A) support

14. Convicts ‘ means:

  • (A) prisoners (B) delegation (C) in danger (D) troupe

Ans: (A) prisoners

Choose the correct option according to the grammar and fill up the bubbles sheet :

15. If he offers me a job I —- it.

  • (A) would have accepted (B) could accept (C) will accept (D) accept

Ans: (C) will accept

16. Flying above the lake at this time of night seems a little dangerous’. The underlined
sentence is a/an-

  • (A) infinitive phrase
  • (B) prepositional phrase
  • (C) adjective phrase
  • (D) gerund phrase

Ans: (D) gerund phrase

17 Last summer, we — many places.

  • (A) had visits
  • (B) visited
  • (C) visiting
  • (D) have visiting

Ans: (B) visited

18 Our practice usually starts at six o’clock’. The underlined word is an adverb of —- :

  • (A) frequency
  • (B) time
  • (C) manner (D) degree

Ans: (A) frequency

19 All students — for prizes.

  • (A) competes (B) is competing (C) compete (D) competing

Ans: (C) compete

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10th class english Solved Paper MCQs 2022

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