BISE Faisalabad Board 10th Class English Past Papers 2022

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If you are looking for Faisalabad 10th class english Solved Paper MCQs 2022 , then you land on a right page because we update 10th class english Faisalabad Solved Paper MCQs with Ans in below on this page and students check your marks by the help of this page. If you are a student of 10th class then you get many advantages from these website this site name is today bise 10th class english past papers faisalabad board. here 11 may 2022 Matric 10th class english Objective Complete Solved (result) Faisalabad board Annual Paper 2022 First Group & Second Group 10th English paper 2022. answer key solutaion

English paper class 10 Faisalabad board

(To be filled in by the candidate) (Academic Sessions 2018-2020 to 2020-2022 ) ENGLISH (COMPULSORY) 022- (10″ CLASS)

Time Allowed :20 Minutes
PAPERObjective Type
Maximum Marks :19
ResultJuly/Auguest 2022

Solved past papers 10th class fsd board

Choose the correct form of verb from the columns A, B, C and D and fill up the bubbles:

1.It ____ in winter.raininghad rainhas rainrains
2.She __ since morning.had been workhad been workinghave workedhas working
3.She ___ at the not studyinghas not studyingdoes not studieddid not studied
4.They _ for London tomorrow.left were leaving shall left will leavewere leavingshall leftwill leave
5.Shan __ to lunch yet.had not wenthas not wenthave not gonehas not gone

Choose the correct spelling from the columns A, B, C and D and fill up the bubbles:

10.The synonym of “firm is:expensivepersistentcheapcostly
11.The synonym of “spinning” is:revolvingshoutingcrawlingthrilling
12.The word “heed” means is:to ignoreto pay attentionto threatcall
13.The antonym of “abandon” is:discarddesertirreleventsupport
14.“First aid knowledge ranges from taking care of cuts to dealing with an unconscious victim’. The underlined word means is:suffererhelpersuppressorenemy
15.Before putting too much effort into the project, Is you should get some guidance from your boss. The underlined is a/an ___ phrase.prepositionaladverbialgerundadjective
16.If we wait here, we shall be late. The sentence is __ conditionalThirdfirstforthsecond
17.She replied that she would come. The underlined is a/an:adjectiveadverbnoun clausegerund clause
18.The crew of Pakistan Air Force looked smart in their uniform. The underlined word is a/an:gerundcollective nounprepositional clauseadverb
19.Pakistan is very dear __ us.toofonfrom
BISE Faisalabad Board 10th Class English Past Papers

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