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Intelligence Bureau ib Jobs written (SCREENING) Test Result 2022 Merit List Check Answer Key today solve papers. Vacant Posts name GD (BS-11) and GD (BS-07) OM (BS-11) and OM (BS-07).

Intelligence Bureau ib written test result 2022 check


  1. Which Surah of Quran has Bismillah twice?
    Ans…Surah Namal
  2. Largest river of Pakistan?
    Ans … Indus River
  3. Which masjid demolished by Hazrat Muhammad (SAW)?
    Ans…Masjid al Dirar
  4. 2nd Prime Minister of Pakistan?
    Ans…Sir Khawaja Nazimuddin
  5. According to 1973 constitution, how long is the time period of a President remains?
    Ans….5 years
  6. Safa Marwa k drmyan chakr ko kia kihty hy ?
    Ans… (سعی)
  7. Cell or battery m konsa current hota hy?
    Ans… DC (direct current)
  8. Unit for measurement of distance ?
  9. Unit for measurement of liquid?
  10. Russian President name?
    Ans…Vladimir Putin
  11. Independence day of France on which date?
    Ans….14 july ,
    IQ Portion
  12. If A+B means A is the sister of B
    A×B means A is the wife of B
    A%B means A is the father of B
    A-b means A is the brother of B
    Which of the following means A is the daughter of B
  13. Rahim travels 600km to his home partilly by train and patially by car. He takes 8 hours if he travels 120km by train and rest by car. He takes 20 min more if he travels 200 km by train and rest by car. Find the speed of train and car.
  14. Introducing a boy, a girl said “he is the son of a the daughter of bthe father of my uncle ” how is the boy related to the girl?
    Ans…. Mamoo ka Bheta

Today paper mcqs DEO (26.07.2022) 9 am

  1. When nimaz Kasoof is Performed?
    Ans…. Solar eclipse
  2. Biggest salt mine in Pakistan
  3. Diamond is allotropic form ofwhich element?
  4. Where did Paistan conduct Nuclear Explosions?
    Ans….Chagai (Balochistan)
  5. Where is Warsak dam located?
    Ans….On River Kabul at Warsak (Peshawar)
  6. Who inaugurated state bank of Pakistan?
    Ans….Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
  7. What is abbreviation of LED?
    Ans…..Light Emitting Diode
  8. What is the Relation between Hazrat Ismail (A)S and Hazrat Ishaq (AS)?
  9. Where is ruin of Harappa located?
    Ans…Sahiwal (Punjab)
  10. Which planet is visible from earth?
  11. Camera uses which lens to form images?
    Ans…..convex lens
  12. Who elect Prime Minister according to 1973 constitution?
    Ans…..National Assembly
    English portion:
  13. Correct speeling of (Technorats)
  14. Correct Spelling of (bureaucracy)
  15. I am glad. . at . . your success
  16. Synonym of zest …..(enthusiasm or entertainer )
  17. Synonyms of excude….(discharge or discontinue)
  18. Antonyms of curtail….(increase, enlarge ,and develop)
  19. What is Einstein’s equation for mass energy relation?
    Ans…… E=Mc^2
    2o. When photosynthesis stops, plants discharge?

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