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UDC Salary In Pakistan 2022 (Bs-11) Pay and Allowance [Updated]

This post of UDC BS-11, according to 2022 stats, minimum pay of these officers is Rs 12500 and maximum pay of these officers is Rs 38970 and increment for year 2022 is reaching to figures of Rs 880. This Upper division clerk UDC Basic Pay Scale is BS-11. For these UDC officers who are serving and being posted in province of Punjab, their minimum pay and salary figures have been revised to the level of Rs 12500 and their maximum pay and income has been revised to the amount and number of Rs 38970.

UDC Upper Division Clerk salary in Pakistan 2022

UDC Upper Division Clerk (BS-11) ki Salary approximately 28,000/= starting but after adding performance allowance its may be approximately 36,000/

Upper Division Clerk UDC Salary In Pakistan 2022

  • Basic Pay Rs. 12500
  • Medical Allowance. 1500
  • Adhoc Relief. 1000+
  • C. Allowance 2850
  • Performance Allowance FBR. 6600
  • Fixed Incentive. 4500
  • Medical A. 1500
  • House Rent. 1580
  • Other Annual increased / Budget Adhoc Allowances. 3000

Annual Increment (December) is 880.

Upgradation Of Federal Clerical Staff

Federal Clerical Staff, soon Upgradation of Federal Clerical Staff Inshallah, Federal Government will To Upgradation LDC (BS-11) UDC (BS-14) Head Clerks / Assistants (BS-16)

UDC Salary in Pakistan FIA

A Upper Division Clerk UDC in a Federal investigation agency gets a handsome salary package than other departments like police, ANF, etc. Upper Division Clerk approximately Rs 58.110.00/= starting, their minimum basic is Rs. 12500 and their maximum basic is Rs. 38970 and these LDC clerk are getting an annual increment of amount Rs 880 in every year.

1Basic pay12500
2Convey Allowance 20052856
3Fixed TA/DA8800
4Adhoc Relief All 2016 10%800
5Adhoc Relief All 2017 10%1250
6Adhoc Relief All 2018 10%1250
7Adhoc Relief All 2019 10%1250
8Utility Allowance 25%3125
9Monthly Investigation All (equal to 60%)7500
10House Rent Ceiling8000
12Medical Allowance1500
13FIA Allowance 20%2500
14Anti-On Crime Allow 50%625

Gross Pay Rs.: 58,110.00

  • GPF Subscription: 1021
  • Benevlfund: 366:
  • Income Tax: 114
  • Deductions: 1,471.00

Net Pays 57.600.00

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